Monday, February 21, 2011

Yup, that really is my mug on that mug!

My P.A. (personal assistant) got this mug done before Christmas. It is hand painted by Laurie Hammond  who is a huge animal lover - well she loves the little ones too. Her favorite animals are wolves as you can tell from her website but that is probably just because she doesn't have any dachshunds in her home. She also donates a portion of her sales to worthwhile animal charities which makes her top of my list!

So my P.A. got this mug so she can gaze at my likeness when I am unavailable for her to gaze upon the real thing. I was all excited when I saw my beautiful face on the front and then my P.A. turned it around ... I noticed the mug wasn't just of me... that darn Beezuzu got into the picture... but at least she is on the backside of the mug. It's rather apropos don't you think?  ~ RUBY

P.S.  It's the front of the mug if you are left-handed ~ Beezuzu

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Animals in Magic!!

The International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 92, Vancouver Magic Circle invited me to their meeting the last Thursday of January. I have been before, of course, with my personal assistant who is a member. I have lots of fans there, always pupparazzi there snapping my picture - it never gets old!

This time I had to spend time demonstrating all that I have trained my P.A. to do, as well as run Zuzu through her paces. She did okay but her attention span is that of a gnat... she kept wandering over to the crate that housed Gary Savard's Macaw named Coco. (Gary is Coco's personal assistant and works with Coco performing at magic shows.)

Coco showed restraint by not taking Zuzu's eye out when she poked her face close to the crate. A Diva with control, got to love that. I, on the other paw, wandered around just because I can - after all I am a doxie diva.

It was very exciting when Coco flew around the room. Beezuzu went a little crazy so my P.A. put her in her crate and moved her into the hallway. She just wouldn't be quiet... it was so embarassing.

There were a bunch of doves there that I thought was a parting gift, but apparently not. Perhaps next time.

We also met Abby, aka Abi-cadabra (& her Personal Assistants Bruce & Jennifer Meyers) - she jumps through linking rings and performs in her P.A.'s Magic Shows. She is very sweet but lacks that diva attitude - she does whatever her P.A.s ask of her.  We will have to sit down and have a talk... very soon!

Sleeping Beauty snores.
 All in all it was an enjoyable night.


P.S. I want a Macaw too! ~ Beezuzu

Monday, January 24, 2011

Friends from Cambodia and Vietnam

My personal assistant's son (part of my entourage) visited Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2010. He brought back lots of pictures of temples and places he visited but he also took pictures of some of the local dogs & wildlife for me.
The puppies are adorable. It's a shame he didn't take any of my business cards with him. He took some great pictures... perhaps I will let him do my next photoshoot.


P.S. - In that last picture... is the dog inside the crocodile? ~ Beezuzu

Photos by Ken Smith

Friday, January 21, 2011

The snow comes, the snow goes...

What fun - a day of snow yesterday! Well ok, it was actually just the morning.

The Raincoast Clown Troupe came over last night for their Christmas Party. I was relieved none of them were wearing their clown shoes - it's dangerous to mingle dodging those big shoes! Some of them are bigger than me. My P.A. was making coffee and visiting, Beezuzu was being a bozo and shamelessly asking for attention. So that left me to take over announcing everyone's comings and goings, as well as their movements in the house. Exhausting work. And those clowns are too neat - narey a morsel of food hit the floor. I find no humour in that.

Now that the party is over, the tree & lights will be dismantled tonight. So much for my little hiding spot under the tree. I really enjoyed the quilted tree skirt and no one could find all the stuff I stashed underneath the tree... Zuzu is too big to get under it. hehe.

I can hardly wait until all the decorations are put away (except that stuffy santa I chewed the beard & pompom off of - he can stay around a while longer) then there is room for my favorite, big, comfy cushion to come back out into the living room.

Pictures coming soon ~ Ruby

P.S. The clowns blew bubbles for me - oh happy day!!! ~ Beezuzu

Friday, January 14, 2011

Clown noses or Rudolph the Reindeer noses?

Let it snow!

Wednesday we got all that white stuff, it's a little cold on the tummy when I run through the yard but so much fun! The rain washed it away during the day so my personal assistant didn't have to shovel a patch of grass for me.

Beezuzu usually has to wear a raincoat to go out in the rain, even if it is only for a minute or two, but when it snows, she is out like a flash. I don't understand her. She eats a lot of snow when snowballs are tossed at her. Weird.

The snow is all gone tonight. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

P.S. Snowballs are still balls! ~ Beezuzu

Friday, January 7, 2011

Beezuzu and a bunch of clowns

Here is the picture that Photographer John Biehler took at the Santa Parade. You can find more of  his photos of the 2010 Parade and other stuff at his flickr site  or his website: